Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer is one of the leading causes of death. Prostate Cancer strikes 1 in 6 American men – Prostate Cancer Foundation. Currently, the cause is unknown however scientists think that it is hormone related. It is a disease in which cancer develops in the prostate gland in the male reproductive system. If found early, prostate cancer can be cured.


It is not unusual for people with Prostate Cancer to experience no symptoms. Some types of the cancer can be slow and not become a serious threat to your health however others grow allot faster and can be more harmful. If the prostate gets to a point where the urethra is narrowed, the following symptoms may occur.

  • Problems with urinating i.e. dribbling of urine, wanting to go to the toliet regularly often at night
  • Feeling that you have not emptied your bladder
  • Paid when you orgasm
  • And in some cases blood in the urine

If you have the above symptoms, it may not be prostate cancer; there is another non-cancerous disease with similar symptoms – prostatic hyperplasia. If you have the symptoms, visit your doctor.


No one fully understands why prostate occurs, however the following factors may play a part in prostate cancer;

  • The risk of prostate cancer increases with age it is rare in men under 50
  • If any close relatives have had prostate cancer
  • If any women relatives have had breast cancer (especially if they were diagnosed when under 40)
  • If you are African-American or African-Caribbean – Asians have a lower risk
  • Having a high fat diet


When diagnosed with prostate cancer, there are a number of options available.


The most common technique is an operation to remove the prostate. Normally for health men whose prostate cancer has not spread.


This is where radiation is used to destroy the cancer cells.

Watchful Waiting

This is where you would be regularly monitored; these are used at an early stage and if the tumour is slow growing.


This is where small seeds containing radioactive material are inserted directly into the tumour. These seeds emit low level radiation for a few months. The patient is unable to feel the seeds and would be left in place

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