Obesity. This is excess body fat. It is defined at 25% body fat for men and 30% for women. It happens when too many calories are eaten and not burned off. By using body mass index, doctors can measure the severity. There are many BMI calculators on the internet. For a list click here. The ideal BMI for most people should be between 20-25


The main cause of obesity is the calorie intake.

  • Runs in families
  • Limited exercise
  • Energy-rich diet
  • Eating disorder (ie Binge Eating)


  • Shortness of breath
  • Excess tiredness
  • Leg-joint pains
  • Back pain

Health Risks

There are many health risks associated with obesity including.


  • Calorie Control
  • More aerobic exercise
  • Social Support
  • In extreme cases, drug therapy
  • Again, in extreme cases surgery.

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