Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is used to reduce the discoloration and staining of your teeth to give you a brighter and whiter smile. All foods, beverages, and smoking can and does stain our teeth. Having a whiter smile can boost self-esteem and literally give people back their smile. Most people do not smile as much when they have less than perfect teeth, therefore teeth whitening is becoming very popular.

Today, you can visit your dentist for teeth whitening or what is also referred to as teeth bleaching, however, you can also find over the counter products for whitening your teeth. Your dentist can give you an at home treatment that works well in most cases. In essence, what you have to do is use a plastic bleaching tray. The whitening gel is placed in this tray and then placed into your mouth covering your teeth with the gel. This whitening tray will be worn for several hours during the day or it can be worn while you are sleeping. This is not an overnight cure for stained teeth. You will have to use this teeth-whitening process over a few weeks before your teeth will be white.

Causes of discoloration of teeth

There are quite a few things that cause discoloration of teeth among them are of course the foods we eat and the beverages we drink, however, the aging process and even some medications contribute to stained teeth as well. Genetics may also play a part in why some individuals do not have those glamorous white teeth you see on television. Some people are lucky enough to have bright and white enamel while others have may have an off-white color.

Visiting the dentist for your teeth whitening procedure you will spend around $500 (~�262) or more. Many factors may raise the cost such as your own dentist’s fees, where you live and the type of teeth whitening treatment you choose. Most of the time, the price will rise according to how many visits you need.

How teeth whitening works

How teeth whitening works is quite simple. Teeth whitening removes the yellow or brown staining that has accumulated over time on your teeth. There are different methods used, which include chemical whitening, abrasive teeth brightening, mild acid whitening, and laser teeth whitening.


The advantages of teeth whitening is that you will improve your overall appearance, give you more self-confidence, and may minimize the facial wrinkles.


There are a few disadvantages that you should be aware of if you plan of using bleaching for your teeth whitening procedure. These are mainly short term but do include sore gums or teeth brought on from the bleach. This does vanish after you quit using the bleach.

Research has shown that teeth whitening is effect in over 78 percent of all people that have used this process. However, if you have serious staining, bleaching may not be the best procedure in your case. Bleaching of course is the lowest teeth whitening procedure therefore most people begin with it before trying other methods.

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